This is a little different than our regular posts as it is not a review. Due to the current climate with the dreaded Coronavirus,of course we are unable to dine infor the full restaurant experience. This means that we will we will have to be a little more creative with content and will not hold ourselves to any specific calendar schedule. No worries though because I promise you that we will sill feature plenty of restaurants and plenty of food. Maybe too much food if that’s a thing. Haha.

I only say too much food because I just submitted my taxes in the last few weeks and ooh…being the Omaha Fattie gets expensive. I made a MEME for this specific reason. Currently,I don’t have any plan on slowing down, but we’ll see what the politicians decide about restaurants being open. I will tell you this; as long as they are serving we will be eating. I mean, I’m not spending as much money on gas since I’m working from home so that’s a plus.

I’m happy to say that because of the virus we have made more of an effort to get to more places it seems. This is a perfect opportunity for us to experience local and support the restaurants that could use a boost. Overall, everything has been really good. We’ve no doubt have eaten at some of our staples like Golden Bowl, Grecian Gyros, Ted & Wally’s, El Vallartaand I think Vietnamese Restaurant La Vista is becoming a regular as well. We have given a try to Moran’s Grill, Jimbo’s Diner, and Barchen Beer Garden. Dairy Twist was another that we stopped out to for a little treatand then a return trip to Los Tapatios.

My message is this. If you can like eating at local restaurants, please continue to do so if you feel comfortable with it. There are options out there like curbside and delivery that make it very easy to do. We will get through this together! Please stay patient and more importantly stay safe.

We still have a couple of reviews that are in the works from visits prior to the quarantine. Please stay tuned in the coming weeks as we feature Astoria Omaha and Thai Esarn. For now, enjoy these photos and videos on this post.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts on food. You are amaz

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