72 Table & Tap

72 Table & Tap located at 5413 S 72nd Street and has been on my Facebook page often as well as in the Omaha Area Foodies group flirting with me. I’ve seen you! I liked that page before they opened after driving past a few times seeing the sign being put up on the outside of the building. I commented on one of their posts letting them know that they were on my radar.

It was time for us to try a new restaurant and we knew that this day would come. We would have given them a try sooner, but it felt like we had recently had a pretty good amount of burgers for meals. It was a Friday night an time to decide on what to eat. We checked out their menu online and saw that they had a nice little selection of appetizers that sounded good, but my wife would have to miss out because of her dairy allergy. I selected the Pig Cheetos which are more commonly known as Pork Rinds/Skins, Cracklins, or Chicharrones. These were a little different than your typical pork rind because they had a dusting of cheddar and are served with Cholula. The rest of the menu included burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and wings.

72 Table & Tap
72 Table & Tap

I personally have had a few burgers recently because that is a staple to bar food, but this time I wanted to go outside of my normal comfort zone. I went with the Pork Tenderloin; it was breaded with Goldfish and that sounded like a tasty option. My wife ordered a burger with bacon and egg while each daughter went with a pizza as their selections. After placing the order the online system told me that my order would be ready almost right away. It was fast and we live about 8 minutes away so I had to hop to it.

I got to the restaurant and immediately noticed how different the venue looked. Over the years I have been a handful of times and it has been owned by a good number of businesses. The staff was attentive and noticed me as I walked in. There were a few groups dining in at the time of my pickup, but I didn’t have to wait to be greeted and received my food within minutes. Always good to get in and get out quickly.

Once I returned home and got the food inside we began removing the containers from the bag. If you order a burger/sandwich the first thing you see is the big 72 that is branded on the bun. That is cool in itself as I don’t believe I’ve been to any other places that feature their brand by branding their bun. This was brand new to me. J

Now, let’s talk about taste! I’ll start with the Goldfish crusted tenderloin sandwich that they call the Boss Hog. I absolutely loved the use of the “snack that smiles back” on the outside of this behemoth of a sandwich. I’m not a runny egg guy so at first look I was a little iffy on that being on top as well as the slice of American cheese. After getting a few bites in, the egg and cheese didn’t do too much to alter my opinion. I like the sandwich and it was filling. I would eat it again, but don’t feel like the cheese is necessary. The fries were good.

My wife said that her burger was good. When she says something is good I feel like it really must be because she doesn’t always say that. My daughters had a little trouble with the pizza because they had each recently got bottom braces. While I didn’t personally try them, the pizzas are not blowing anyone away based on their responses. I did notice the crust was a little tough when cutting into small pieces for my youngest.

72 Table & Tap
72 Table & Tap

The Pig Cheetos were tasty.  You could hear them still crackling a little as I began to eat them. Dipping in the Cholula isn’t a must, but I like hot sauce so I’m with it. I don’t even know how to properly describe this appetizer as it leaves behind a nice lather on your tongue after you eat one. Greasy? That sounds bad and it isn’t greasy to the touch. It was more like a buttery aftermath that I did enjoy.

I would say to give 72 Table & Tap a try. We liked the sandwiches as well as the Pig Cheetos. The pizzas were the only thing that weren’t great, but served with mandarins or tots as a side and a drink for only $5.49 is a good deal. I wouldn’t expect a gourmet pizza at that price. The most expensive item on our order was the Boss Hog and it was $10.99; that is reasonable. The whole ticket came out to be $43.34 and fed the whole family. That works just fine for us.

I give 72 Table & Tap 3 Fatties! Have you been? If so, what do you think?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts on food. You are amazing!

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