The Hunger Block

Everything was really good on our visit. This was our first time there and it did not disappoint.
We had a couple of adult beverages. I had a Passion Fruit Margarita and my wife had the Mochima to start. My drink was the one thing that I didn’t love, but it was good. I could taste the alcohol, but not the passion fruit really. My wife liked hers enough to get a second.
For our meal we ordered the PARRILLA MIXTA which is a grilled meat platter: carne asada, marinated chicken, longaniza chorizo, corn meal masa, french fries. This was so good and it is meant to serve 2. We shared it with our 8 year old and it was plenty of food.
My 12 year old ordered Hamburguesa La Calle which is choice of chicken, pork belly, or beef patty. served with slaw, lettuce, onion, tomato, crushed potato chips, fried egg. She went with the beef and out the egg on the side because she doesn’t like egg. No worries, she gave it to her sister. The whole meal was tasty. The chicken had so much flavor and the sausage was really good as well. French fries had the right amount of salt and I probably ate way too many. My daughter enjoyed her burger as well.
Of curse we had to try one of the signature shakes! We ordered a strawberry one with Oreo. It came with a glazed donut and ice cream sandwich also on top. It was good and I’m glad we gave it a try, but that might be something for only the first visit. It was huge!
The price was pretty fair. We spent $92 before tip. This is more than we would typically spend on a dinner, but since it was our first time we wanted to give multiple things a try. Remember, this price included 3 adult beverages and a dessert. on a normal visit we would probably get away with around $35-$50. That’s average for us and the food was good enough where we’d be happy to pay that.
The staff was really nice and we had a good experience. I’d say that we will for sure go back again.
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