The Rude Shrimp Co.

Y’all, I went out to Waterloo for food…Waterloo! I like to hand around the Omaha area and I am an east of 72nd Street kinda guy so this was a big deal for me. Not just because I went out to eat in Waterloo, but because I was asked to visit by Lisa Lahners, joint owner of The RUDE Shrimp CO. Lisa and her husband TJ run the joint. I didn’t ask, but I can only assume that she saw the review that I completed featuring Dairy Chef and thought to ask me to come out and give them a try. That means that the Omaha Fattie has a lot of growing potential and plenty of restaurants to visit. I cannot go any further without taking a minute to thank anyone that has taken the time to read a review. To anyone that has gone out and tried a place based on one of my reviews, I think that you are amazing! Thank you for supporting and being interest in my opinions.

Now, let’s talk about the reason that we are all here, FOOD! The Rude Shrimp Company got their start just over a year ago as a food truck and found success so they stepped it up a notch and opened an actual brick and mortar location. Initially I didn’t know if I would have time to make it out due to the drive and the fact that they are a seasonal restaurant. The location is outside so it makes sense because I don’t think that anyone wants to eat outside during a typical Nebraska Winter. I will tell you right now that I am very glad that we made the trip out. I say we because I took my 2 little knuckleheads along with me while mom was at work.

I know this may be a surprise to a lot of and I want there to be no confusion; they specialize in Shrimp menu options. Shocking, right? Lisa provided me with a couple of menus and also explained the specials. I decided to go with a staple, their RUDE Tacos, because the RUDE Burrito was on their dinner menu and it was lunch time. Since I knew that I probably wouldn’t be back in the near future and because I am the Omaha Fattie I also asked for a special that Lisa had mentioned. It was a Shrimp BLT! That’s right, a Shrimp BLT. I had to take advantage of the food while I could. My daughters order a Shrimp Cocktail and Mac & Cheese with chips to share.

As we waited for our orders I took advantage of the moment and snapped a handful of pics of the place. It’s a really nice little spot that has the atmosphere of being on a beach. It is a distinct experience as half of the restaurant is a cargo container fixed up to give a unique look. I like the beach vibe that this establishment provides as well as their sense of humor with their signage that can be seen as soon as you pull into the lot and on the tables.  The signs in front of their parking stalls read, “ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO DAMN PARING, UNLESS YOU ARE HANGIN’ ON THE DECK.” They are in the parking lot next to a gym so it makes sense to have signage up for their customers. I like the flare of them.

Our food arrives and oh boy does it look good! My tacos looked very appetizing and I was ready to grub. I take a bite and I get this wonderful kick of spice and flavor that worked so well together. It was at this moment I was “hooked” on The RUDE Shrimp CO. It almost didn’t matter what the rest of the food tasted like because I would be fine to just eat the tacos. However, as I said earlier, I ordered the Shrimp BLT also. Let me tell you about this BLT. It came on a fresh and fluffy croissant with tomato, cheese, and this tasty pesto. I cannot even describe to you how good this was. I was so happy that I asked for this in addition to the tacos.

The girls made fast work of the Shrimp Cocktail and my youngest daughter said that the Mac & Cheese was delicious. Given her input I had to sample a bite to see what it was all about. I will say that I was not blown away by it, but it was decent. I’m not the hugest Mac & Cheese fan in the first place so take my opinion on this with a grain of salt. I did ask my oldest what she thought and she confirmed that she didn’t say that it was delicious, but she thought it was good. Mac & Cheese or not this place hit the spot. This is definitely not a deal breaker for me personally.

Overall, I was impressed by the RUDE Shrimp CO. From the theme to the signage to the food to the service, I’d say to go give them a try. Not this year though because they closed down for the season for in restaurant dining, but you can still call or go online for delivery orders. I will be the first to say that I don’t generally make treks out west because I stay in my zone, however, this was a trip that I am glad that I made. The experience for me was different than ones that I’ve encountered in my journeys and I could see myself going back next year. If you like good food take the drive. It actually isn’t even really that long of a drive on a Saturday afternoon. I think it only took 30 minutes.

Thank you to TJ and Lisa for inviting me out and for the great food. I like what you guys have going on there and I can see you guys continuing to grow. I appreciate that fact that you guys are starting small and doing it the right way. No need to rush something like this as that is a mistake that a lot of businesses make. Take your time and keep doing it right. I believe in what you guys have going for sure!


I give The RUDE Shrimp CO. 4 Fatties! Have you been? If so, what do you think?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts on food. You are amazing!


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