Tired Texan BBQ

Tired Texan BBQ, let me start by saying that I’m a little confused about this review and I think that it just means that the jury is still out. I think I will have to try it again sometime. I’ll go back to my initial attempt just over a year ago after they had first opened and we went one evening. Unfortunately, as we walked in we were told that they were out of Brisket and Ribs. Well, of course we weren’t going to eat at a BBQ joint and not try those items. This was a time when they only had 2 smokers and they were new so that is something that can happen at this type of restaurant. BBQ is a lot of work and takes time to make. That is very understandable. I think I had tagged them in a tweet or something and they informed that they would be adding a 3rd smoker in the future. I had been really wanting to try it, but hadn’t made it out.

At work one day they had some leftovers from a catered event the previous day and they brought them out for the associates for lunch. I grabbed some and warmed it up and it was really good. After having it for lunch I knew that I needed to make a point to get out to the restaurant. Still months passed and the chance to stop out hadn’t arisen. Finally, one Sunday we were trying to decide where to eat and Tired Texan BBQ popped into my head. The family hopped in the car and headed out to 108th & L.

We walked in and were greeted and seated right away. I believe we all ordered Sweet Tea for our drinks and those were brought to our table in no time. They also provide you with a free appetizer of Texas Tumbleweeds which are “Deep fried morsels of potato, bacon and cheddar cheese.” Okay, you bring free food to my table and you are definitely in the game! Aside from Mexican restaurants providing Chips & Salsa and some other restaurants providing free bread I can’t think of a place that provides you with something to snack on. They were pretty good too. There isn’t much that could be done to mess up this winning combination of potato, bacon and cheddar cheese.


Now, on to the main meal. I ordered a 3-meat combination (pulled pork, ribs, brisket) to share with my oldest daughter. I got fries with it and cornbread. My wife ordered the BBQ Pulled Pork with fries and added an extra side of Cole Slaw. My youngest got the Chicken Nuggets with the Outlaw Creamed Corn. I was satisfied with the menu options available and we were ready to let the bashing begin!


When the food arrived it all looked really good. Definitely, no problem passing the eye test. I asked for honey to go with my cornbread because that is just so good. After making my rounds of the food that was on my tray I thought that the food was decent. Yes, decent. I know that came as a shock to one reader that commented on my Facebook post, “Decent my ass…” before continuing with his argument that was in favor of the food. All the meat was tender and that is a big plus, but my socks were still on. Some places you go to instantly knock your socks off from the moment you take a bite. That was not the case here though there wasn’t anything that I didn’t like. I just needed a little more in the flavor category. I sampled some of my daughter’s creamed corn and that was pretty good. I would have eaten more if she couldn’t finish it. It may have swayed on the line of being just the right sweetness and being too sweet, but that’s okay. I dig sweet.

Service was good and our waitress provided some options for us when we had questions. She did stop by a few times to check on us. I’m always grateful for that. She may have had a long day because her energy seemed to be down a bit, but it was dinnertime on a Sunday. I assumed that she may have had a long day and may have been winding down. She was still nice and took care of us.

In summary, the food is good. Is it the best? No. Is it the worst? No. It lies somewhere in the middle. That is my current opinion on Tired Texan BBQ. I started by saying that I was confused by this review and that stands to be the case. I wouldn’t turn down a future opportunity to give it another go and who knows how my thoughts may change. Everyone can have an off day and I’m not holding it against them.  I’d also like to add that my wife thought it was good! I even double checked with her while writing this to make sure that my accounting of the night was correct.

I give Tired Texan BBQ 3 Fatties! Have you been? If so, what do you think?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts on food. You are amazing!

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