Zio’s Pizzaria

This was my first visit to this location. While we got seated right away the restaurant was petty busy. There was a party going on and people kept coming in the doors. Even with this occurring the host and our waitress were welcoming, composed, and attentive.

We started the meal with Beef Ravioli and BBQ Wings which were each really tasty. I like the crispness of the wings and you get a decent amount; I think 10/$9.99. The prices of the pizzas were a lithe bigger than I’d want to pay but we did order a medium NEW YORK KING – Choice of meatballs or spicy sausage links.Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, hamburger” it was about $20 for a medium which is 6 slices. We did e boy the pizza though.

My 8 year old who typically eats like a bird ate 3 ravioli and a whole slice. She was going to stop at half a slice, but it must have been too good. Haha. This experience was petty good and given the opportunity we’d go back.


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